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Frequently Asked Questions

arrow Is It legal to grow/sell Sandalwood? Does Govt Of India permit this?

Sandalwood trees were the property of the government for years, but now the rule has changed. As per the Section 108 of the Karnataka Forest (Amendment) Act 2001, sandalwood tree grown in a specific land is the property of the owner of the land. Hence, anybody can grow sandalwood without any apprehensions.The government is also giving subsidy to grow sandalwood through State Medicinal Plants Authority and Horticulture Department.

Kindly check the proofs provided below:

The Karnataka Forest Amendment Act of 2001- Sandalwood


arrow Can Sandalwood cultivation really fetch crores of rupees?

Yes it can. Kindly find the following increase in price since 1990 till 2010. The prices mentioned below at per metric ton (mt).

1) Indian Sandalwood has huge demand worldwide and the supply is currently way under the demand.
2) 100 gms of branch wood (sandalwood) costs Rs 900 (source : Mysore sandal soap, Karnataka)
3) 5 ml of sandalwood oil costs Rs 1350 (source : Mysore sandal soap, Karnataka)

Year Price in INR per(mt)

1990-1991 - 1,78,500
1991-1992 - 2,66,000
1993-1995 - 3,32,500
1996-1997 - 6,12,500
1998-1999 - 7,77,000
1999-2000 - 7,70,000
2000-2001 - 10,81,500
2001-2002 - 12,88,000
2001-2003 - 19,11,000
2003-2004 - 20,54,500

Jan-2005 - 29,85,500
Jul-2005 - 32,62,000
Apr-2006 - 36,90,785
May-2007 - 34,43,650
Dec-2007 - 37,79,475
Nov-2008 - 38,50,000
Sep-2009 - 40,25,000
Aug-2010 - 55,35,000

arrow Is it possible to harvest Sandalwood in 15 years as we heard it takes around 20 - 25 years?

So far we have only heard and known Sandalwood which was naturally grown in the forest atmosphere. Sandalwood is a semi parasite crop and depends on host plants for most of its nutrients, this is not readily available in the forest and therefore the growth takes time. Adding to this is the Govt policy which restricts living trees being cut down in Forests. Only dead Sandalwood trees in forests can be taken for production. However, the scenario in organized cultivation is different. Host plants, water and fertilizer management are properly done to ease Sandalwood’s growth thus achieving optimum output within 15 years.

arrow Can we buy a plot of land without Sandalwood plantation on it, for construction?

No. The very purpose of we doing this project is to get the benefits from the final crop.

arrow Do we (customers) have to pay anything for the maintenance cost after the fourth year?

No, The Management will take care of maintenance cost till we get the yeildings.

arrow Do you have any Insurance for this crop as it is a long term crop?

Yes. it is under process, we shall let you know the details soon

arrow I would like to see the site. Do you provide the transport facility to visit the site?

You are welcome to visit the site. We do not provide transportation facility on companies cost. You would have to travel on your own convenience, or companies cab can be availed at a cost of Rs 800 per head.

arrow Are there any discounts or price negotiations?

The offer price is fixed and we do not have any scope for negotiations

arrow When is the land registered in my name?

The registration/transfer is done on receipt of 33% payment or on the completion of all installments.

arrow Can we have choice in selecting the land allocated to us?

An up to date copy of the layout and allocation would be available at the time of registration and allocations are done on first come first serve basis (without any prior reservations) to maintain a fair and transparent ownership.

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