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Frequently Asked Questions

arrow As owners, can we construct a farm house, on our own expense, in our allotted piece of land?

No, though customers being the owners it cannot be allowed for any construction in the “cultivation area”. However, if interested, separate area has been arranged at nominal cost.

arrow I come from farming background, can I implement/handle/add/modify any changes to my piece of land or the crop?

Ideas/suggestions are welcome. However, there’s a lot of investment involved in availing proven technology by reputed scientists/biologists for the project and hence any changes/modifications is strictly not permitted without prior and written concern of the project owners.

arrow What happens if my piece of land yields lesser than the others. Will I get lesser returns?

As in cultivation, the yields might/would differ depending on lots of reason/s therefore the collective yield is divided cumulatively among all the members, irrespective of individual contribution.

arrow What if I wish to sell the property in the mid of the term?

As the owner you are free to transfer/change the ownership however the new owner has to agree/follow the same agreement of cultivation as done originally. Any/all cost/s immerging out of the transfer has to be borne by the customer or the new party.

arrow As a member, is everything free of cost in the project guest house?

The project guest house has been planned to provide basic facilities for members, planning for a short visit (with prior intimations). The stay would be charged at very nominal expenses so as to have a fair and equal usage among all the members. However ,the members are requested to use the facility only if needed and only for a short time as this would not be a full time accommodation.

arrow What is the project exit plan?

The sandalwood harvest will bring the project to an end. Thereafter, the entire project would be handed over to the customers after forming a general body and electing community leaders. However customers who are interested can approach the project owners for another term of harvesting with terms and conditions decided at that point (depending on prevailing conditions).

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